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Natural Honey

The home of

The predominant floral sources of honey produced at Ash Apiaries Ltd. are from canola, clover and alfalfa crops.  Sunshine Valley Honey is 100% Pure Canadian Honey.

Gilbert Plains, MB Canada

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Co-pack and custom packaging

Sunshine Valley Honey can be packaged into other sizes and types of containers depending on customer preference. Our modern processing and packaging facility allows Ash Apiaries Ltd. to provide custom packaging of liquid, creamed and flavored honey for retail, wholesale, industrial, and private label customers.

We stock a variety of container types and sizes suitable for packaging honey. Please contact us to discuss your honey packaging requirements.

To order our honey, discuss wholesale and retail opportunities, pricing or shipping options, you are invited to:
    Phone us at 204-548-2036;
    Fax us at 204-548-2112;
    Email us at info@ashapiaries.com